Laser Drilling

The laser drilling process was invented by Zvi Yehuda in 1965. Some diamonds contain natural black inclusions that are visible to the naked eye. In the laser drilling process a microscopic laser beam is used to drill into the diamond in order to reach the black inclusion. The diamond is boiled in strong acids that clean out the inclusion. After the procedure the black inclusion becomes clear, thus, less noticeable to the naked eye. The process is irreversible and completely stable, The laser drilled diamond should be taken care in the same manner as a non laser drilled diamond. By law, the fact that a diamond has been laser drilled has to be disclosed at every level of sale.

Laser Inscription

Laser inscription is the process that inscribes the girdle of the diamond (the middle area of the stone) and it is done with a microscopic laser beam. Anything can be inscribed on the girdle, from an identification number to a name or phrase. A trained jeweler, with the aid of the loupe (magnifying glass) will be able to read the inscription. Usually, brand name diamonds will carry their name or logo on the girdle. All of our Yehuda certified diamonds are inscribed with their certificate number and "YEHUDA" as shown below:


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The Yehuda Diamond Lifetime Guarantee

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Your Yehuda Diamond is a natural diamond from deep in the heart of the earth which has been technologically enhanced to become as brilliant, clear and beautiful as modern science can make it. The only things likely to compromise the integrity of your diamond's enhancement are the flame of a torch or strong acids and bases. In the unlikely event your Yehuda diamond should lose its enhancement, Yehuda will gladly restore the enhancement of your diamond at no charge.
No questions asked.
With each diamond sold, Yehuda provides a unique business card-sized Card, which when played on a standard PC, describes the Lifetime Guarantee.
Be sure you receive the Yehuda Lifetime Guarantee Card with every purchase of a
Yehuda Clarity-Enhanced Diamond.
The lifetime guarantee safeguards your purchase and ensures that you have purchased a genuine Yehuda Diamond, not an inferior imitation.

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SKU: CUNGE128648SJ - Ring, 18.26 ct. Cushion, Excellent, J color, SI2 clarity

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Product Number - CUNGE128648SJ

A magnificent Diamond Ring with an enormous 17.06 carat Cushion Cut center stone that is certified Excellent Cut, J color and SI2 clarity after enhancement. Complemented by 120 round diamonds totaling 1.20 carats. The center diamond is a Yehuda Enhanced Natural Diamond.

Total Weight - 18.26 Carat

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