The Yehuda Diamond Lifetime Guarantee

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Your Yehuda Diamond is a natural diamond from deep in the heart of the earth which has been technologically enhanced to become as brilliant, clear and beautiful as modern science can make it. The only things likely to compromise the integrity of your diamond's enhancement are the flame of a torch or strong acids and bases. In the unlikely event your Yehuda diamond should lose its enhancement, Yehuda will gladly restore the enhancement of your diamond at no charge.
No questions asked.
With each diamond sold, Yehuda provides a unique business card-sized Card, which when played on a standard PC, describes the Lifetime Guarantee.
Be sure you receive the Yehuda Lifetime Guarantee Card with every purchase of a
Yehuda Clarity-Enhanced Diamond.
The lifetime guarantee safeguards your purchase and ensures that you have purchased a genuine Yehuda Diamond, not an inferior imitation.

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